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Occupy Wall Street Protester Walking to Join Occupy DC

Occupy demonstrators getting reinforcement from the north



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    Adam Eidinger
    Occupy DC demonstrators protest the Defending the American Dream summit at the Washington Convention Center.

    McPherson Park has been occupied.  So was Sen. Mitch McConnell's office.  Several were hit by a car when a group tried to occupy the Washington Convention Center.

    The latest twist for the Occupy demonstrations in the nation's capital?  A dose of Occupy Wall Street.

    A group of the anti-big business protesters from Zuccotti Park are calling themselves Occupy the Highway, and say they are going to bring their Big Apple-brand of occupation to D.C. - on foot.

    The group plans on marching from Wall Street, ferrying across the Hudson River into Elizabeth, New Jersey, than hoofing it the rest of the approximately 211 miles to downtown Washington.  The group says it will take a mix of highway shoulders and local roads.

    The group hopes to be in McPherson Square by November 22, in time to demonstrate before the Deficit Supercommittee's November 23 deadline.

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