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Obama Fashion Is Soooo 2008

Frumpy new look poses dire threat to democracy



    Obama Fashion Is Soooo 2008
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    At least she didn't go for the "Kate Gosselin."

    Last year, America fell in love with Michelle and Barack Obama. Why? Because they were chic.

    Iconic photos of a sunglassed Sen. Obama deplaning in a trim suit with a narrow tie blowing in the wind thrilled a nation of Snuggied schlubs. We swooned at Michelle Obama's adorable shift dresses and casual flip. They were like Jack and Jackie Kennedy, minus the pills and the Brahmin accents!

    But since they moved into the White House, the once impeccably attired couple has encountered a series of troubling missteps. The new First Lady wore a weird toilet paper toga to the Inaugural Balls. Then she carted that bizarre clown cardigan over Europe and let "the layered look" go a little bit too far when she decided to don the entire contents of her suitcase for a trip to Westminster Abbey.

    What are the Obamas trying to tell us? That they're "just folks"? Because it's working!

    President Obama loves to go golfing in goofy pleated pants and a tucked-in polo shirt. And recently, he wore a pair of dreadful mom jeans to the All-Star game and immediately reminded us all of George Will's sage sartorial advice: "If Fred Astaire would not have worn it, don't wear it."

    To compound the disaster, Michelle Obama debuted a mommish new haircut at -- wait for it -- some sort of country music jamboree at the White House.

    This is the example she sets for America? We need a first lady who is legitimately hot, not "hot for a mom in a paper towel commercial."

    If America is attacked by a rogue nation in the near future, do not be surprised. They have been waiting for signs of weakness -- and what better sign than the sudden frumpiness of our once glamorous FIrst Couple?

    Runway model Sara K. Smith writes for NBC and Wonkette.