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Maryland May Outlaw Novelty Lighters

Sale of novelty lighters may be outlawed in Maryland



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    Think your lighter that looks like a hand grenade is "the bomb?"  Well it may be the last you purchase in Maryland.

    Under a bill that is being proposed in the state legislature, retailers would be prohibited from selling or offering to sell novelty lighters.

    Del. James Malone, a Baltimore County Democrat, and Harford CountyRepublican Sen. Barry Glassman hope to make it a misdemeanor for a retailer to sell or distribute lighters that have entertainment features or are designed to resemble toys, cartoon characters, vehicles or guns.
    Retailers who violate the proposed ban would be subject to a maximum fine of $500.
    The reason for all this? According to Glassman, the lawmakers introduced the measure at the request of state fire officials who believe the toy-like features encourage children to play with lighters and could lead to fires.
    Ten other states already prohibit the sales of such lighters.

    Read the entire proposed bill by clicking here.