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White House Considering New Interrogation Team

Would be used for high value detainees



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    The Obama administration is mulling new interrogation methods for "high value" terror suspects.

    In the latest sign of a strategic shift from the Bush era war on terror, the Obama administration is considering overhauling its interrogation methods for high value detainees, reports the Wall Street Journal.

    A new team would be assembled from different agencies across the government and while initial reports say the new group would not be led by the CIA, they, along with the FBI are expected to be major players in the special unit of intelligence and law enforcement.

    If implemented, their first task would be to develop new interrogation methods, according to one person familiar with the proposal. New techniques could be drawn from a wide range of sources including scientific studies on the use of the psychology behind television ads.

    While the system gets a new look, it will have some similarities to the Bush administration's controversial intelligence programs. The team would focus on gathering intelligence and not on collecting evidence for use in a criminal trial.

    The new team would also devise non coercive procedures, like providing rewards for information leveraging a detainees anxiety or other emotions, standards favored by lawmakers and human rights groups alike.

    While most agree that a new interrogation team is needed, one source close to the situation says the delay revolvs around how to implement the team, including who will be in charge, where will it be housed in the government, and who will be in this new group.