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Obama Celebrates G20 Achievements as "Progress"



    President Obama used his weekly address Saturday to recap the events of this week's G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, telling American citizens that he and the rest of the world's leaders reemphasized a commitment to economic, financial, and political unity during the conference -- and that the world would unite against policy violators like Iran and North Korea.

    The G20 nations worked to move forward in stabilizing the global economy, avoiding financial abuses and promoting international responsibility to avoid setbacks like this year's recession, Obama said. The nations also worked toward climate change reform, including an agreement to phase out $300 billion worth of fossil fuel subsidies, according to Obama.

    The president also referenced his meeting with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, saying he and the two warring nations' leaders moved "fowrad in the journey toward a just, lasting and comprehensive peace." Obama ended the address with a call on Iran to move toward disarmament of its nuclear weapons, repeating his condemnation of their secret nuclear reserve and warning the Iranian government that it would face "isolation" if it failed to comply.

    Obama recorded the weekly address on his way back from the Pennsylvania summit.