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Bob McDonnell for President? Not Yet, He Says

"...Those are all pipe dreams down the road": McDonnell



    Bob McDonnell's First Day as Governor-elect

    Republican Bob McDonnell held his first news conference as Virginia's governor-elect Wednesday after a decisive election day win, even winning more votes in Democratic-leaning Northern Virginia. (Published Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2009)

    The GOP's been searching high and low for their anti-Obama. And now that they've got Bob McDonnell in the governor's manse in Virginia, they might have found The One to help them aim a little higher.

    But even before he was elected, the Republican governor insisted he would serve every day of his four year term.

    "...I think those are all pipe dreams down the road. ...I love this state we have great opportunities ahead for the state to create more opportunity and prosperity for our citizens, in so many ways, I am fully committed to four years as Virginia’s governor," he told NBC12's Ryan Nobles.

    But he never says never. (Fast forward to near the five minute mark to go straight to the good stuff.) 

    Election Aftermath: What's Next?

    [DC] Election Aftermath: What's Next?
    What do the results of yesterday's election mean for the political and jobs scene in Washington? Tom Sherwood investigates
    (Published Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2009)


    What Republicans think is the great thing about McDonnell and newly elected New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is that neither can be tied to former President George W. Bush, according to The Politicizer.

    Christie, a former US Attorney and McDonnell, a former Virginia Attorney General both have non-partisan records that are long on substance and short on political controversy. McDonnell, a ‘family-values’ conservative and Christie, a northeastern moderate, are each uniquely suited to take up whatever mantle the Republican Party decides on. Should the party shift back to the right, that’s all the better for McDonnell, but if the GOP needs to put someone moderate on a ticket – look for Vice President Christie.

    Exactly. McDonnell's got it all -- the looks, the stance, the suaveness and political savvy that Creigh Deeds will never have. And Christie as McD's Biden?

    Those "pipe dreams" might become reality yet.

    Then all we'd need is for Sarah to show up and get installed as the next Secretary of State.