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McDonnell: An Error of Haste, Not Heart



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    It's Governor Bob McDonnell's first year on the job and oh, the controversy he has stirred.

    Last Spring, Gov. McDonnell drew nationwide criticism when he omitted slavery in proclaiming April Confederate History Month.

    Now, about 6 months later, McDonnell found himself making remarks at a national conference on slavery at Norfolk State University, a historically black university. He addressed the students to ewhat he called his "major and unacceptable omission." He told students and scholars at the college that young administrators err just as young people do.

    According to a report by the Daily Press it appears McDonnell has learned from said mistake:

    McDonnell said it's important to view the war against the backdrop of the immense cultural and social progress achieved across Virginia. State voters elected the first black governor in the nation — Former Gov. L. Doug Wilder, "the grandson of slaves" — and state lawmakers were the first in the nation to issue a proclamation declaring "profound regret" for slavery. "One hundred and fifty years is enough for Virginia to fight the Civil War," McDonnell said, before delving into his hopes for the conference. To inspire people to "talk openly and honestly how we ourselves, black, white and brown, can provide better access to the American dream."

    McDonnell is making good on his word. He said that, beginning in April 2011, he will issue a "Civil War in Virginia'' proclamation. That coincides with the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War in 1861.