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Low Blow: Ad Ties Deeds to Skins

Republicans may have missed their mark



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    Guilt by association usually works.

    Is the Republican Governors Association making a political mistake?  The group is going after Virginia's Democratic nominee for Governor, Creigh Deeds, by linking him the Skins.  Low blow!

    The party is airing a commercial during tonight's Skins/Eagles MNFer with a football theme.

    The ad wonders how Deeds is going to raise $1 billion.  It offers a few solutions: Scalping football tickets or selling T-shirts (presumably the Anti-Snyder shirts are a booming business now).

    Of course the answer's neither of those.  Who would want to pay good money to see a Skins game at this point?

    But that's not the ad's biggest mistake.  Who the heck's going to be watching this two-bit team get mauled by Mike Vick and the Eagles?

    Northern Virginians have better things to do with their time than watching another dreadful loss.  As the Post wrote about today, many Skins fans are enjoying their time away from the team.

    Just think of all the things NoVa's citizens could be doing at 10 p.m. -- like getting ready for the next day's traffic-filled commute.