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Local Pol Accused of Skipping Out on Pizza Check

Aide calls it a smear campaign



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    Anne Arundel County police will not pursue charges against Prince George's County Executive candidate Gerron S. Levi (D-Dist. 23A) for skipping out on her $26 pizza check last week, the Gazette reports.

    The owner of the Ledo Pizza at Eddie's Place in Crofton filed a police report naming Delegate Levi, of Bowie, as a chief suspect in the Aug. 27 incident. But police decided not to file charges after the owner confirmed that Levi settled her bill with a $27 check on September 1. 

    The restaurant owner asked the Gazette not to publish his name.
    When workers realized the check hadn’t been paid, they noticed a "Vote Levi" magnetic sign on the door of the departing car and identified Levy by looking at the candidate's website, the owner told the Gazette.
    Reached Wednesday, Levi said she ate at the restaurant last week, but said she didn't believe she had left without paying.
    "Really? That is so crazy," she said. "I'm almost certain I paid. ... If I didn't, it would have been a mistake. I always pay my bills. I don't believe I would walk out a restaurant and not pay the bill. "
    Levi said she would call the restaurant.
    "They couldn't call me if they thought that was the case?" she said.
    "It doesn't matter who you are. You don't do this," the owner said. "Even if it was an honest mistake, she's had four days to come back and pay, and she hasn't."
    Levi campaign consultant Julius Henson denied the restaurateur's allegations.
    "This is a politically motivated smear campaign," Henson said.

    Levi is one of five candidates seeking the executive nomination in the Sept. 14 Democratic primary election.