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Group Wants Bunning Thrown Out of Cooperstown

Former Phillies pitcher not making friends on Capitol Hill



    Group Wants Bunning Thrown Out of Cooperstown
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    Jim Bunning

    Last we checked, former Phillies ace Jim Bunning's plaque was still hanging proudly in Cooperstown.

    But one group wants it removed -- for what he's now doing off the baseball diamond.

    Sen. Bunning (R-Ky.), a former outstanding starting pitcher, started a one-man filibuster this week on Capitol Hill, holding up an extension of unemployment benefits, which is set to expire on Sunday.

    The group Ur Union of Unemployed is not happy about it.

    "One United States Senator, Jim Bunning, is adding a ton of pain to America's jobless," said Rick Sloan, acting executive director of the grassroots organization for unemployed Americans. "His heartless actions mean millions will not receive their unemployment checks. For his stance, he should be ejected from the Hall of Fame and installed in the Hall of Shame."

    But don't fret Philly fans, we doubt there will be any asterisks on Bunning's stat lines at the Hall of Fame over what he's now doing in the Senate.

    That doesn't mean the outraged group won't try.

    "His legacy as a great ball player is about to be surpassed by his reputation as an obstinate and uncaring ideologue," Sloan said.

    For now, Bunning's place at the Hall is safe. His place on Capitol Hill, well, that's another story.