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Gov. McDonnell's Proposed Budget Cuts



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    Fred Flare

    Highlights of Gov. Bob McDonnell's proposed budget cuts and spending announced Wednesday, grouped by area of the budget and by cost. (Figures rounded to the nearest million):

    Public Education

    • $225 million from restoring base funding for public schools to 2008 level.
    • $130 million cut from support for supplemental salaries such as coaches and department chairs.
    • $92 million from eliminating Lottery support for some education programs.
    • $32 million cut for lease and rental support.
    • $30 million in travel funding cut.
    • $19 million saved by extending the useful life of school buses from 12 years to 15.

    Public Safety

    • $6 million in reductions to judicial system operating costs.
    • $1.3 million in cuts to court-appointed attorney waiver program.
    • $4.7 million in cuts for inmate medical costs.

    Employee Compensation

    • $180 million from five furloughs annually for state employees except essential public safety personnel.
    • $611 million in retirement system savings, particularly requiring new hires to pay part of their retirement plan contributions.
    • $82 million spent to give employees a 3 percent bonus in December 2011.
    • $115 million spent to relieve current state workers from the burden of paying part of their own retirement.

    Health and Human Resources

    • $63 million in cuts to consumer-directed Medicaid services.
    • $53 million saved by tightening eligibility for Medicaid long term care.
    • $34 million cut by freezing enrollment in FAMIS, a government-subsidized children's health insurance program.
    • $28 million in cuts to Medicaid provider reimbursements.
    • $11 million from eliminating a one-time expansion in spending for Temporary Aid to Needy Families.
    • $9 million earned from selling the Commonwealth Center for Children and Adolescents, an acute care mental health center.
    • $5 million in cuts to local Social Services Department offices.
    • $5 million from cutting adult components of the state general relief program.
    • $4 million from reducing funding for the unemployed parents cash assistance program.
    • $2 million cut for dental services.
    • $2 million cut to the Virginia Health Care Foundation.
    • $2 million cut from child advocacy centers.
    • $2 million cut by eliminating general fund support for local domestic violence grants.
    • $2 million in cuts to the Virginia Association of Free Clinics.
    • $1 million in cuts to the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative.

    Commerce and Trade

    • $6 million in reduced funding for homeless programs.
    • $300,000 cut from eliminating funding for mortgage assistance counseling.

    Higher Education

    • $20 million in tuition assistance grant program reductions.
    • $7 million in Eminent Scholars Program cuts.

    General Government

    • $50 million reduction in aid to localities.
    • $40 eliminated deposit into the Revenue Stabilization (or rainy day) Fund.
    • $21 million the state collected from the December state tax amnesty program.

    Source: Office of the Governor