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Get Ready for a Colorful Council Race

Orange vs. Brown for Council Chair



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    What’s your favorite color?

    If you are able to vote in the District’s Democratic primary, you only get two choices, Orange or Brown.

    We’re talking about Vincent Orange, who announced Tuesday that he would be challenging Council member Kwame Brown for the Council chairmanship.

    The 53-year-old Orange said he will bring maturity, leadership and accountability to a post that will have to deal with a $550 million budget gap. Brown, 39, has a more populist platform, saying he will move the city forward.

    Orange, a former D.C. Council member in his own right, has hired aides to current Council members Jack Evans and Marion Barry. He also has the support of former Council member Kevin Chavous.

    Brown has the support of two current Council members -- Ward 3’s Mary Cheh and Ward 5’s Harry Thomas Jr.

    Chairman Vincent Gray left the Council Chair seat open when he announced he would challenge Mayor Adrian Fenty this fall.

    So it's Orange vs. Brown in the competition for the seat vacated by Gray. Wouldn't it be fun if a member of Fenty's Green Team joined the race?