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Fenty's Bike Ride Security Escorts Face Scrutiny

SUVs, motorcycles escort mayor in park



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    Philip Skillman
    Mayor Adrian Fenty

    Is District Mayor Adrian Fenty taking advantage of his police security details to clear a path for him to go bike riding?

    Although Fenty routinely drives around town in his little Smart Car without police security, WTOP Radio has exclusive video of the mayor using city police SUVs and motorcycles to escort him on his daily bike rides.

    The rides occur in Rock Creek Park, and in many cases they cause traffic backups as the mayor and his bike-riding associates pedal along. The mayor also has been on roadways like the Clara Barton Parkway, where bicycling is not allowed.

    The mayor was asked Monday about the use of police vehicles and the traffic backups.

    Privileged Pedaling

    [DC] Privileged Pedaling
    Some bicyclists came to the defense of D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty and his biking habits, after news reports of the mayor riding his bike with police escorts and violating traffic laws.
    (Published Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009)

    Fenty at first was dismissive of the questions, asking WTOP reporter Mark Segraves if he was investigating how other mayors and governors use their police escorts. In response to questions from NBC4, the mayor seemed not to know whether he caused traffic backups. But Fenty said if he has done something wrong, he shouldn't have done it and won't do it again. The mayor diverted all questions about police escorts to the District Police Department.

    The police department in other instances has said it can't discuss the mayor's police security detail for security reasons. The D.C. Police Department did release documents to WTOP that show the mayor's black SUV and blue SUV have been used when the mayor is attending bicycling and triathlon events. The mayor did not dispute WTOP's reporting that the SUVs carry the mayor's bicycle.

    On Tuesday, U.S. Park Police confirmed to NBC4 that bikes are forbidden from the Clara Barton Parkway.

    Mayor Fenty's Bike Rides

    [DC] Mayor Fenty's Bike Rides
    Mayor Adrian Fenty has been captured on video using D.C. Police escorts to while biking with friends in the city and suburbs. WTOP Radio's exclusive video shows the Mayor even biking on the Clara Barton Parkway, where bikes are illegal.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 9, 2009)

    In addition, another WTOP document shows that motorcycle details are routinely assigned to ride with the mayor's bicycling outings. The mayor said he rides virtually every day "and wants to do more."