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Deeds Can't Drive 65 -- or at Other Speeds

Gubernatorial candidate has driving issues



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    "Who needs a ride home?"

    Some advice to Virginia: You may want to elect Creigh Deeds as governor, just so he doesn't have to get behind the wheel on Commonwealth roads.

    The Democratic candidate, who is running against Bob McDonnell, has had some driving issues the past couple months.

    Deeds was ticketed for going 76 mph in a 65 mph zone in Albermarle County the evening of July 4, according to the Washington Times.

    That ticket came two months after he rear-ended another car in Louisa County and was cited for following another vehicle too closely. Two people went to a hospital for precautionary reasons as a result of the rear-ender, which happened on Mother's Day. The Times said he paid a $30 fine and $61 in court costs.

    Oh, and last year he "hit a bear lumbering across a country road near his home," the Times reported.

    Don't mess with the bears, Deeds. Don't mess with the bears...

    Luckily, it doesn't seem like Deeds, a notorious Twitterer, was texting on his BlackBerry while he was speeding through Albermarle County. But he was doing plenty of tweeting earlier in the day as his campaign driver drove him around Virginia. Check out the blow-by-blow on Independence Day:

    Lots of enthusiam at Dale City.
    10:14 AM Jul 4th from TwitterBerry

    Raced to Fairfax for tail end of parade. 2 cookouts later, we're headed to Vienna
    12:56 PM Jul 4th from TwitterBerry

    Just left second of two great events in Vienna. Sue Langley is a wonderful host. Headed to Manassas
    3:17 PM Jul 4th from TwitterBerry

    Manassas was fun but we missed the recommended soft serve. On to Culpeper
    4:31 PM Jul 4th from TwitterBerry

    Culpeper with old friends Connie Kinchloe, Butch and Marty Davies, was a blast. Onto Cville!
    5:58 PM Jul 4th from TwitterBerry

    So it seems like Deeds had quite the schedule, and if he was headed home to catch fireworks with the family, it's no wonder he was booking it 'cross state. But it might be wise for Deeds to follow the lead of his opponent, who leaves the driving to a campaign aide. And watch out for lumbering bears while you're at it.