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President Obama's Tee Party



    After all the hype, did you really think President Obama was going to lose in his golf outing to his political foe House Speaker John Boehner?

    After the two men played 18 holes, joined by Vice President Joe Biden and Ohio governor John Kasich, Boehner and Biden announced they had both won.  Their story (and they're sticking to it) is that they were playing as a pair, against the vice president and Gov. Kasich.

    The nation's top executive and the Republican leader of Congress each collected two dollars from their "opponents."  Following their round, played at Joint Base Andrews Saturday morning, all four retired to the golf course clubhouse for cold drinks.  The scoring was not disclosed.

    Although the president's time on the golf course is usually off-limits to the press, Secret Service gave the media a little extra look this morning.  Video cameras rolled on the foursome at the golf course's first hole.  President Obama, dressed in slacks and wearing a baseball cap, was a little too strong on his first putt, overshooting the hole.

    Boehner was set up better, and let out an "oh yeah" after sinking a short putt.

    Vice president Biden, who most people thought was the president's partner when the round began, sunk a long 15-putt to start the round, earning congratulations from the president.

    While in front of the cameras, there was handshaking and backslapping between the four men.  Vice president Biden was in a golf cart with the governor, and House Speaker Boehner rode together with President Obama.

    Obama drove the cart.