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Md. Tax Cheat Hall of Shame



    One man in Towson owes the state of Maryland over half a million dollars in back taxes.

    A company in Gaithersburg is $358,000 behind in what they owe to the state.

    This year's list of the state's top scofflaws is out.  Let the public humiliation begin.

    The Maryland State comptroller's office has been turning out a yearly list of 25 individuals and 25 companies that owe the most money in unpaid taxes to the state.  This year's list owes a combined total of $11 million.

    "The vast majority of Marylanders are hard-working, honest and pay their fair share in state taxes," said Comptroller Franchot. "This program highlights those who enjoy the benefits of living in Maryland but allow their neighbors to shoulder all the financial costs. The Comptroller's Office is committed to ensuring that all taxpayers pay their fair share."                                               

    You can view the list, called "Caught in the Web," here.

    It is no small feat making the comptroller's worst of list.  Before being posted on the site, scofflaws need to ignore numerous correspondence sent by the state requesting payment.  After that, the state of Maryland files a lien and intercepts any state and federal tax refunds.  If the entity is a business, the state will prevent license renewals, revoke a sales tax license, and stop any payments if the company does business with the state.

    If, after all these measures have been taken, the delinquent taxpayers still don't cough up a payment, or even make a plan to make a payment, the names are posted on the shameful list.

    According to the state, the program has helped bring in $26 million in back taxes since the year 2000.