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D.C. Catfight!

Did Nickles insult women?



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    D.C. Attorney General Peter Nicklesreally did it this time.  He's uncovering the hellish fury of a scorned woman, after his comments last week about D.C. council member Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3).

    In a dispute over contracts, Ms. Cheh called Adrian Fenty's government a "lawless administration."  She also told the Post that Fenty's administration has "no limits or restraint on what they are willing to do."

    When asked to respond, A.G. Nickles told the paper, "For her to make comments like that, it's stupid.  She's an angry woman."

    Presumably, Mr. Nickles didn't ask why women have short feet or wear watches.  (Answers here for the misogynists amongst us.)

    Where there's controversy (and a chance to appease to a potential voting block), there's political opportunism.  Enter potential candidate for mayor, Kwame Brown, sudden defender of the honor of women everywhere:

    "Councilmember Cheh deserves an immediate apology from Peter Nickles for calling her an ‘angry woman’ and saying her comments were ‘stupid.’ This is just another example of how the Attorney General has stepped over the line and stooped to the lowest levels. Councilmember Cheh is a respected lawyer and professor whose opinion about the law I have the utmost respect. She is fulfilling her responsibility to ensure the integrity of government."

    Delicate little hearts everywhere are swooning at the heroic man, coming to rescue the distressed and aggrieved damsel.

    Will the fire-breathing dragon man retreat to his dank manly cave and apologize?

    One thing's for certain.  He won't be supporting D.C.'s newest museum idea -- unless they're baking cookies there.