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Council to Consider New D.C. Flag for Voting Rights



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    Members of D.C. Vote and the League of Women Voters demonstrate in front of the White House to honor the 90th anniversary of the 19th Amendment guaranteeing women the right to vote.

    Voting rights activists’ next effort to draw attention to D.C.’s lack of a vote in Congress may be a redesigned city flag.

    Councilmen Phil Mendelson and Michael Brown introduced the District of Columbia Flag Amendment Act of 2011 in Tuesday morning’s session, DCist reported. A version of the city flag including the words “No Taxation Without Representation” would fly on Flag Day if the bill is approved.

    The bill is a follow-up to a bill Mendelson introduced in 2002, which the Council passed that allowed for the "redesigning the flag of the District of Columbia to include the words “DC” and “Taxation Without Representation” within the flag" in order "to promote the cause of full voting representation for the citizens of the District of Columbia in the United States Congress."

    While the idea of altering D.C.’s stars and stripes may offend some traditionalists, it would only be for a day. On the other hand, it’s not nearly as dramatic as the mayor getting arrested nor as amusing as a congressman suggesting D.C. residents shouldn’t pay federal income taxes nor as visible as  “No Taxation Without Representation” as it already appears on D.C. license plates.

    Brown also has suggested ceremonial names for Pennsylvania, Constitution and Independence avenues to raise voting rights awareness to visitors to D.C.