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But What Does Deeds Think?

Gov wannabe sounds off



    Obama Tries to Solidify Response to Syria
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    But what's his position on the Monroe Doctrine?

    You, dear reader, have no doubt been sitting at home, stuck in your pajamas after having read news of President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize.  It's likely, too, that you're not stuck in your jammies because you're trying to figure out what's going on with the award, but that you're sitting there wondering what Creigh Deeds thinks.

    The candidate in Virginia's gubernatorial race has sounded off with inspiring words that are sure to swing the coming election:

    "Today I congratulate President Obama and applaud the Nobel Committee for their recognition of his efforts to strengthen diplomacy and increase cooperation throughout the world.  While President Obama’s work has just begun, we’ve already seen what progress can be made by reaching out to the global community with an open hand rather than a closed fist. I join the Nobel Committee in standing by President Obama as he continues to spread his message of hope throughout the world."

    Inspiring.  Lofty. 

    You can strip out of those jammies, put on your work clothes and return to polite society now.

    It's certainly good to know that should Deeds win, he'll be Virginia's strongest foreign policy governor since... since... when the heck did a Virginia governor ever get involved in foreign policy post 1770s?