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Barry Gets the Boot



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    A sign was placed on Councilman Marion Barry's windshield when his car was booted for failure to pay parking tickets.

    Maybe the IRS should consider something along the lines of a wheel boot for tax delinquents.

    Councilman Marion Barry's 2002 Jaguar was booted Tuesday morning because of unpaid parking tickets, the former mayor's office told NBC Washington's Tom Sherwood. So Barry promptly paid up and got the boot removed.

    This on a day when D.C. Chief Financial Officer complained about residents not paying parking tickets, reported.

    The car was booted outside Barry's southeast Washington home, reported.

    A check of records found nine unpaid parking tickets, with the cumulative fines valued at $705. The notice says Barry must pay at least six of the tickets, valued at $520, to have his vehicle released.

    Barry brushed it off like it was no big deal.

    Barry's got a history of not paying on time. He has repeatedly gotten in trouble for filing his taxes late.

    The Jaguar is the same car that was stolen last year when Barry left the key in the ignition, reported. The car was recovered a few days later.