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Arlen Specter Hunted Down by Giant Balls

Run for your lives!



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    "If you see me dab at my eyes, I'm not sad," Specter said.

    Perhaps the gravest danger of global warming to our elected leaders is this:  Being run down in the streets by giant balls.

    Arlen Specter knows this. Why, just the other day, merry political pranksters The Yes Men were caught on video chasing him on a street near the Capitol wearing SurvivaBall costumes, which are jokingly designed to keep the wearer safe from all the catastrophies that will result from the climate change crisis.

    And designed quite well, apparently. Look how spritely those people are while lugging those cumbersome things around. Maybe the future doesn't look so bad anymore. Sure, the planet's going to hell, but we'll be quite mobile before we succumb to the unlivable conditions.

    Specter really makes the video with the deadpan reaction he gives to Geoff Holtzman of the Talk Radio News Service.

    "I think it's, uh, fun," he said of the chase, looking to be near the point of homicide. "It's interesting, yeah. Sporting."

    Something tells us he'd see the end of humanity come before enduring that again.