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Alcohol Was Mentioned in 911 Call for O'Malley's Daughter

Police release 911 call on governor's daughter



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    Baltimore police called an ambulance for Gov. Martin O'Malley's 18-year-old daughter out of concern for alcohol poisoning after she was found unconscious near Inner Harbor.

    Baltimore police on Friday released recordings of a 911 call and a cell phone call between a police dispatcher and an officer who responded to help Tara O'Malley last week, the Baltimore Sun reported.

    During the call, the dispatcher questioned if "alcohol poisoning" was the reason for the ambulance, and Sgt. Duane Henry responded "yes."

    911 Call for Gov. O'Malley's Daughter Released

    [DC] 911 Call for Gov. O'Malley's Daughter Released
    Police released the 911 call concerning Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley's daughter, who was found sick in Baltimore.
    (Published Friday, June 4, 2010)

    "I can't put that out on the air," Henry told the dispatcher after asking her to call his cell phone. "I'm not trying to have, you know, him mad at me. You feel me?" Henry asked, in an apparent reference to the governor.

    Tara O'Malley was treated and released from Harbor Hospital on the night of the incident. The O'Malley family released a statement last week calling it a "teachable moment" but not mentioning whether alcohol was the cause.

    Tara O'Malley reportedly had gone to the harbor to board a boat as part of a high school graduation celebration.

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