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Sheila Dixon: The Mayor Thousands of Facebookers Love to Hate

Dixon's new lifetime pension sparks Facebook page



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    Mayor Sheila Dixon tries to guilt President Obama with her puppy dog face.

    It took no time to find several Facebook groups and one fan page that do not approve of outgoing Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon

    • “Sheila Dixon Must Go”    (70 members)
    • “Sheila Dixon is an IDIOT” (113 members)
    • “Sheila Dixon MUST GO!!” (237 members)
    • “Sheila Dixon Needs To Step Down” (321 fans)
    • “Former-Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon Does Not Deserve To Collect A Pension” (1,276 members)
    • “Sheila Dixon does not deserve an $83,000 pension” (1,686 members)
    If that last one about the pension raised some eyebrows, well, join the group. Dixon reportedly scored that cushy $83,000 every year for life in a plea deal last week. She resigned from her mayoral post after being convicted of embezzling gift cards meant for the poor in her city. She also pleaded guilty to perjury for failing to disclose gifts on ethics forms. 

    Dixon’s replacement as mayor, current City Council President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, told the Baltimore Sun, “It’s understandable that people are very upset about the prospect of a lifetime pension.”

    Facebook clearly shows there are at least 1,686 (and counting) of them.
    Rawlings-Blake is now planning to review the city’s pension plan for elected leaders, telling the Baltimore Sun, "I know there are ways we can look at other pension systems around the country, to kind of close these loopholes,” she said.
    Just to be fair though, Dixon has some favorable groups on Facebook, too. 
    • Sheila Dixon For Mayor (206 members)
    • Sheila Dixon is my mayor for life (14 members)
    There is also one group that you'll have to classify yourself: Sheila Dixon is Michael Jackson in Disguise (63 members)
    Rawlings-Blake replaces Dixon on Feb. 4.