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Records Show Pattern of Reimbursement for Colburn



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    Campaign finance reports show that state Sen. Richard Colburn has reimbursed himself with campaign funds for more than $40,000 in meals, gas, lodging, flowers and baseball tickets.

    The Daily Times of Salisbury reports that the reimbursements occurred between January 2007 and January 2013.

    The newspaper reports that Colburn reimburses himself much more frequently than other Eastern Shore lawmakers.

    Colburn says he believes all the expenditures he has reported are valid and would not have occurred if he weren't running for office. The Dorchester County lawmaker says he reimburses himself because he can't afford to pay for meals and other items out of pocket.

    Good-government advocates say the reimbursements fall into a legal gray area. The executive director of Common Cause Maryland says Colburn is not being cautious.