Zuckerberg Says He's ‘Struggling' With Trump's Latest Posts But Leaving Them Up

The Facebook CEO said of a post about shooting alleged looters in Minneapolis: "people need to know if the government is planning to deploy force."

In this May 24, 2018, file photo, Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive officer and founder of Facebook Inc., listens during the Viva Technology conference in Paris, France.
Marlene Awaad/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Friday he wasn’t going to take down President Donald Trump’s posts about shooting alleged looters in Minneapolis nor put a warning on them as Twitter, but he acknowledged he had been "struggling all day" with how to respond.

Zuckerberg, in a late afternoon post on his Facebook wall, largely stood by his long-held view that social media companies should take a light touch when deciding how to moderate the statements of politicians.

“I disagree strongly with how the President spoke about this, but I believe people should be able to see this for themselves, because ultimately accountability for those in positions of power can only happen when their speech is scrutinized out in the open,” Zuckerberg said.

Facebook had been in touch with the White House on Friday to explain the company’s policies, he said.

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