Your “Project Runway” Finale Preview

And so we come the bittersweet end of this seventh season of “Project Runway,” a season designed to make up for the previous flaming sequinwreck of a season, and pretty much succeeded in that mission.

There will be much to miss from this past season. I’ll miss looking at Heidi Klum and assuming she was pregnant with twins when she was actually pregnant with just one child. I’ll miss Jonathan trying to design a dress that was meant to look like laughter, which doesn’t look like anything (as part of a challenge where his job was to design something inspired by air. I’ll miss ogling Maya on close-up shots and then reacting with shock when they showed her standing next to other designers and she appeared to be two feet tall. I’ll miss Maya then bailing out on the show because she wasn’t ready yet, or something. Lady, if you weren’t ready, why did you audition? I’ll miss Michael Kors calling Jonathan’s dress “sad” and then Jonathan rebutting through tears, “Is sadness not an emotion?” Oh, it is, good sir. It really is.

But most of all, I’ll miss Anthony. Yeah, he got the boot two weeks ago, but he’ll be back tonight. They always bring back all the ousted designers in the finale, to “help” the finalists. Anthony will be back, I guarantee you that. And he’ll be as delightful as ever. If they fired the entire cast of “The View” and replaced them all with Anthony, would you be pleased? Yes, you would. Anthony is the biggest star the show has minted since Christian Siriano, and this will most certainly not be the end of his television career. Enjoy him now, before some producer polishes all the fun out of him.

This was an uneven season in terms of challenges. The hardware store challenge was awesome, as was the design-for-a-kid challenge. Other challenges, like make a dress for Heidi, were tired and old. I hate it when the show is like, “You’ll be designing for a verrry special celebrity,” then they reveal that the celebrity is the same lady we see on the show every week. More making designers craft clothing out of weird crap, please. I’m sure tonight’s finale will include one of those “design an additional look” twists that isn’t really a twist at all.

As for the finalists, I think we all know Mila isn’t winning this thing. Mila is the wedding guest you get stuck next to who spends an hour talking at you and never asks you about yourself. This final will be a battle between Emilio, who grows more shrill and arrogant by the week, and the very likable Seth Aaron, who can apparently sew clothing faster than a fairy godmother. Seriously, this man should be stitching 10,000 pairs of pants a day for UNICEF. He’d be fantastic in a sweatshop.

So who will win? Well, Emilio has been on a roll (just ask him), but I’ll go with Seth Aaron, who has a clearer identity as a designer, what with all the black and stuff. But it’s hard to predict, and that quality is what has made this season of Runway a solid one.

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