“Young Adult” Trailer Finds Charlize Theron Drowning in Shots, Lies and Loathing

Director Jason Reitman has previously released three  films, two of which garnered him Oscar nominations and two of which we enjoyed immensely (not the same two), so when the guy drops a trailer he's got our attention.

"Young Adult" reunites Reitman with "Juno" scribe Diablo Cody, and stars Charlize Theron as a successful writer of young adult fiction who goes home for a high school reunion, intent on winning back her high school boyfriend (Patrick Wilson), who has since moved on to marriage and is expecting his first child.

The trailer looks pretty funny, with some definitely caustic undertones--about what you'd expect from Reitman and Cody, as well as co-star Patton Oswalt. A member of a focus group who saw the film earlier this year was so put off by the tone that she declared, "I don’t know why Jason Reitman wants me to feel this way." Neither do we, but we're looking forward to it.

"Young Adult" opens Dec. 16.

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