Yahoo Layoffs Attract Lurking Recruiters Bearing Tacos

On day of big Yahoo layoffs, recruiters were ready to pounce....

In a move that some might call vulture-like, the web communications company TokBox lurked out in front of Yahoo Wednesday, in a search for those who might be laid off.

Yahoo announced way back in October that it would cut 1,500 jobs. On Wednesday, the web giant officially started notifying employees Wednesday who would stay and who would go.

"I think different departments are affected in different ways," said Manuel Maes, a contractor who deals with Yahoo periodically. "I can feel for them especially those families, they are depending on that check."

Although specifics on which departments will be hit had not yet been released, Maes said he understands the feeling of being laid off.

"Sentiment is -- as long as you know that no one on your team was laid off it is good," Maes said. "But when you come to know that this person that you know or that you work with is no longer with the company - it is really sad."

Interestingly enough, a company looking for new employees set up across the street to do some recruiting on Wednesday., a company that does web-based video communication tools, talked to prospective employees. Nick Triantos, the CEO of that company, came out himself to talk to Yahoo folk.

"For a lot of software engineers and product designers their skill set is very relevant for what we do," said Triantos.

The group set up a taco truck to tempt the stomachs of the Yahoo employees, not just their minds.

Recruiters with the company also handed out pamphlets with information about the company, which is less than one year old.

Some of the Yahoo employees eagerly approached and grabbed tacos, while others gave the tokbox recruiters the cold shoulder.

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