“Yeah, there's definitely a truck driver mentality there.”

Josh Brolin was interested in the Megan Fox he was reading about in magazine articles -- many of which were broadcast all over the world due to their controversial nature. But he really needed to know that she had the inner-strength she was portraying in these pieces before bringing her onto "Jonah Hex."

"When I read some of the articles she had done, and how acerbic and rebellious she could be. I wanted to see how real that was," said Brolin.

"So when we met, I wanted to make sure she was the real deal and a scrapper," Brolin added. "And that she could go head-to-head with John (Malkovich, the film's baddie)."

He was impressed with not only Fox's looks (that's obvious), but also her strength.

"Yeah," said Brolin on Fox, "there's definitely a truck driver mentality there."

She nabbed the part of Lilah, who knows how to hold her own as well.


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