“X-Men: First Class” Trailer Wait Comes to Merciful End

After totally blowing the launch of the trailer for  "X-Men: First Class," and enraging dozens (hundreds?) of fans who had been checking in on Facebook throughout, Fox finally got down to the business of giving folks a taste.

Judging from the most recent comments on the "X-Men: First Class" Facebook page, the people are happy with what they see. But we were a bit underwhelmed. We loved the tone, the music and the Cuban Missile Crisis backdrop, but the trailer lacked a certain "wow" factor.

Having watched it four or five times now, it seems as though they were trying to so hard to give us a taste of as many of the heroes and villains as possible, that they failed to build any sort of tension or momentum.

The trailer also highlighted what for us has been a concern since casting was locked in: James McAvoy as a young Charles Xavier just doesn't seem like a leader of men. More troubling still, watching him  opposite Michale Fassbender as Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto), it's hard not to root for the bad guy.

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