10 of the World’s Quirkiest, Weirdest, Most Out-There Hotels

These oddly shaped, and sometimes oddly placed, hotels are a different experience for travelers who want some thrill with their turndown service.

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A three-story Trojan Horse-shaped hotel room is just one of 10 fairytale-themed rooms in La Balade des Gnomes. One room, the Macquarie Island, features a boat bed floating on water.n<br /><br /><strong>Where:</strong> <a href="http://www.labaladedesgnomes.be/" target="_blank">Durbuy, Belgium</a>
Khallid Shabazz
Sixty-seven feet above the Amazon is the Treehouse Lodge, which guests can access through walkways and bridges for $617 a night. One downside? No hot showers.n<br /><br /><strong>Where:</strong> <a href="https://treehouselodge.com/" target="_blank">Near Iquitos, Peru</a>
Khallid Shabazz
Five lodges located in Sri Lanka's Yala National Park each boast their own unique theme and architecture, from their elephant-shaped villa (inset) to the "Tree Luxuria" treehouse suite, above.n<br /><br /><strong>Where:</strong> <a href="https://www.kumbukriver.com/welcome" target="_blank">Buttala, Sri Lanka</a>
Repurposed grain silos are one New Zealander's vision in eco-friendly lodging and unconventional design.n<br /><br /><strong>Where:</strong> <a href="http://www.silostay.kiwi.nz/" target="_blank">Little River, New Zealand</a>
Khallid Shabazz
The Aurora Express won't take you on a journey to the North Pole, but its views of Tanana Valley might be just as magical.n<br /><br /><strong>Where:</strong> <a href="https://fairbanksalaskabedandbreakfast.com/" target="_blank">Fairbanks, Alaska</a>
Khallid Shabazz
This small house atop a lighthouse was created by a Japanese artist as part of a series of art installations along France's Loire estuary. The house comes with a garden for guests at $114 per night.n<br /><br /><strong>Where:</strong> <a href="https://www.nantes-tourisme.com/en/guest-house/villa-cheminee" target="_blank">Nantes, France</a>
You, too, can nest like a bird as you overlook Urumbamba Valley from glass pods hung on the side of a cliff. Visitors must hike or climb to get to their pods before they leave using a zip line.n<br /><br /><strong>Where:</strong> <a href="https://naturavive.com/web/skylodge-adventure-suites/" target="_blank">Urubamba, Peru</a>
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Sleep among branches in these wooden spheres hanging from the trees of a British Columbia rainforest.n<br /><br /><strong>Where:</strong> <a href="http://freespiritspheres.com/" target="_blank">Vancouver Island, Canada</a>
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Snoopy's got nothing on "Sweet Willy," the beagle-shaped Dog Bark Park Inn in Idaho. <br /><br /><strong>Where:</strong> <a href="https://www.dogbarkpark.com/" target="_blank">Cottonwood, Idaho</a>
This fort-turned-hotel takes the private island concept to a new extreme. Spitbank Fort, floating between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, offers eight suites for overnight stays at $642 per night. Don't worry if Spitbank fills up - there's always the <a href="https://solentforts.com/no-mans-fort/" target="_blank">No Man's Fort</a>.n<br /><br /><strong>Where:</strong> <a href="https://solentforts.com/spitbank-fort/" target="_blank">Portsmouth, United Kingdom</a>
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