Snooki Drinks Her Breast Milk, Anderson Cooper Passes

Snooki has put Anderson Cooper up to the ultimate challenge.

The former Jersey Shore star and new mommy appeared on Anderson Live with her costar JWoww, and after discussing the OMG-moment when Jenni, Roger and Jionni actually took shots of Snooks' breast milk on their show Snooki &JWoww (yeah, that really happened), the pint-size reality star pulled out a couple of glasses.

"I love you so much that I brought some for you," she told Anderson.

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Was he going to take it?!

"Oh, you gotta be kidding. Sorry, there's no way. I'm sorry...I can't, I really can't...I'm lactose intolerant," he said. But just because Cooper wasn't down to pound some of Snooki's milk to the head, doesn't mean his staff wouldn't.

One of the show's employees ran to the stage and took the shot of milk with Snooki! And then she revealed something...

"It was almond milk," she yelled. "I don't breastfeed anymore."

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