Will There Be an Olympic Mitten Repeat?

Four years after the incredible success of the must-have red mittens of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the U.S. Olympic Committee hopes the craze for Olympic outerwear carries to Sochi in 2014.

As NBC Olympics reports, the USOC will start selling navy blue mittens with the embroidered words “Go” in red and “USA” in white. The mittens will start selling Oct. 29 at $14 a pair. Proceeds will help raise money to support U.S. Olympic athletes.

The buzz around the 2010 Winter Olympic Games was about one of the coveted souvenirs – knitted and extremely warm red mittens featuring white Olympic rings and a white maple leaf.

The mittens eventually appeared on EBay, selling at twice the original cost.

You may remember there was also an Olympic gear phenomenon created by the Roots beanies worn by Team USA in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

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