Whoops — Hayley Atwell, Not Alice Eve, Will Be Captain America's Gal

Two weeks after everyone assumed that Alice Eve had been cast as Captain America's love interest, another Briton has been anointed.

Hayley Atwell's career credits are primarily for British television, but she's best known to U.S. audiences as Lucy/4-15 in the little-seen remake of "The Prisoner" and Woody Allen's "Cassandra's Dream." Now she'll be known as Peggy Carter, Captain America's main squeeze.

The casting of "Captain America" has been a laughably torturous affair, with Chris Evans landing the lead after a dozen or so other names had appeared to have the part sewn up.

The casting of Peggy Carter was no picnic either, with Emily Blount turning it down, Keira Knightley being floated as a possibility and "She's Out of My League" star Alice Eve having been falsely identified.

More troubling than all the hand wringing over the casting of director Joe Johnson's film is, Why the #%& were all the women who were in the hunt for the role British? Peggy Carter was an American, and Captain America's girlfriend. Cap's no xenophobe or racist, you can be sure, but he is a patriot.

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