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White Buck Stuns Residents in Denton Neighborhood

Several people in North Texas caught a rare sight Tuesday: a white deer with a full rack of antlers taking a walk through town.

Denton resident Henry Evans said he was driving in the Southridge Drive area when he spotted the large animal walking down the road.

Following it with camera in hand, Evans was able to snap a few close-up photos as the buck walked through a construction site, shocking workers Mark Martin and Brandon Barker.

"I was just kind of stunned, you know, what is that doing out here?" said Barker on Thursday. "We're like in the city almost and you've got this white deer running around. I couldn't believe it."

Barker and Martin watched the buck cross busy Teasley Lane and eventually disappear into the woods at South Lakes Park.

Game Wardens with Texas Parks and Wildlife tell our partners at the Denton Record Chronicle that it is not an albino, but a white fallow buck, which is a species of deer in the area.

Still, they are rarely seen hanging around the busy city and suburban areas like Denton.

The images quickly made rounds online throughout the week, prompting others to report sightings of the animal roaming the area that day.

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