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Celebrities like to stand out, and apparently like to force their children to follow suit. We pay tribute to the celebs who have chosen unusual names for their fabulous offspring.

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Kourtney Kardashian and her longtime partner Scott Disick revealed the name of their son: Reign Aston Disick. Born on December 14 he is the couple's third child together. Kardashian posted the first full Instagram photo of the child on Thursday, April 2, 2015.
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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis welcomed home their baby girl recently. Her name? Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher. Have you ever heard of a girl named Wyatt? Kutcher wrote on his website, welcoming the new addition: "May your life be filled with wonder, love, laughter, health, happiness, curiosity, and privacy."
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Christina Aguilera and Matt Rutler named their baby girl Summer Rain Rutler.
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Lil' Kim gave birth to a baby girl she named Royal Reign on Monday, June 9. This is the first child for self-proclaimed "Queen of Rap" and her boyfriend, New York-based rapper Mr. Papers.
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EMPTY_CAPTION"Saved by the Bell" alum Mark-Paul Gosselaar and wife Catriona McGinn gave birth to a baby boy on Oct. 1. They named him Dekker, which according to thinkbabynames.com means "piercing" in Hebrew.
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed a baby girl and gave her a name that perhaps would give her some direction. North West was born five weeks early on June 15. The couple plans on calling her Nori for short, according to an E! News source. Click through to see more strange celebrity offspring names.
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Sources revealed to E! News that couple Busy Philipps, right, and Marc Silverstein, left, named their baby girl Cricket.
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EMPTY_CAPTION"My Name is Earl" star Jason Lee and his former fiancee Beth Riesgraf named their son Pilot Inspektor. The unusual name was inspired by the song "He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot" by indie rock band Grandaddy.
Boxing legend George Foreman named all of his five sons George. The father said he went through a hard time finding out who his real father was and wanted his sons to know where they came from by naming them after him. Shown in the photo (L-R) are George Foreman, George Foreman Jr. and George Foreman IV.
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Robert Downey Jr. and his producer wife, Susan, welcomed their son Exton Elias in February 2012. Downey said the unusual name originated from family history, “My wife’s great-uncle Joe was kind of eccentric -- when he was in fourth grade, he realized he didn’t have a middle name, so he changed his name to J. Exton,” Downey told People.com.
Holly Madison, who welcomed home her first child — a baby girl— recently, gave her a very unique name: Rainbow Aurora Rotella. Madison explained, "Growing up, there was a girl in my school named Rainbow and I was so envious of that name. I thought it was so pretty and unique!”
Actress Uma Thurman and husband Arpad Busson recently welcomed a new baby girl with a name that is a mouthful: Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson. Uma has two other kids, her girl Maya Ray and boy Levon, with ex Ethan Hawke. Busson, 49, has two sons, Flynn and Cy, with his ex Elle MacPherson.
Looks like Levi Johnston is going to be a new dad again. Johnston and Bristol Palin picked a fairly nontraditional name for their son Trigg. According to the Huffington Post, Johnston's current girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby, is pregnant and told Inside Edition the young lovebirds have decided on a name: Breeze Beretta. Yes, as in the gun.
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EMPTY_CAPTION"Arrested Development" and "Horrible Bosses" star Jason Bateman and his wife gave their first daughter a normal enough name: Francesca Nora. So are they overcompensating with their newest addition? The pair has welcomed to the world Maple Sylvie Bateman — which some note resembles Maple Syrup Bacon. Yum.
The hip-hop heiress is born! Beyoncé and Jay-Z welcomed Blue Ivy Carter into the world Jan. 7. Although it sounds random, the name is anything but: Jay-Z has several albums called The Blueprint. "Blue" also has four letters, and "Ivy" is inspired by the Roman numerals IV -- Bey's favorite number. Ridiculous or creative?
Like Mariah Carey's baby boy Moroccan, Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz evoked a North African country with their son, Egypt. Instead of being inspired by a style of decor like Mariah Carey, Keys wrote in her blog that she was moved by the struggle of the Egyptian people. "I realize more than ever that his name... stands for the fight for change."
Kate Hudson and her Muse rocker fiance Matthew Bellamy welcomed a baby boy named Bingham, or Bing for short. “Mum and baby are strong and healthy," Matthew tweeted. "Mum was a warrior, Bing popped out after 4.5 hours of intense pushing!” Bing-a-ding-ding!
Mariah Carey doesn't do subtle, so we would have been surprised if she and Nick Cannon hadn't given their twins weird names. The girl is Monroe, as in Marilyn. Not that bad. The boy is Moroccan. Nope, that's not his ethnicity. It's his name. We give you future wrestler or porn star... the Moroccan Cannon.
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The Beckhams chose to name their little one... Harper Seven Beckham. The Daily Mail reports that Seven is most likely a reference to David's soccer number while playing for England. David himself said that the baby's first name is for Harper Lee, author of Victoria's favorite book, "To Kill a Mockingbird."
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EMPTY_CAPTION"The Game" star Tia Mowry and her husband Cory Hardrict chose the name Cree Taylor for their newborn son. Cree is the name of a Canadian Native American tribe whose members were known for being great warriors. Fight on, little Cree!
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EMPTY_CAPTION"Celebrity Apprentice" star Ivanka Trump and businessman Jared Kushner welcomed a daughter July 17 and grandpa Donald was the first to reveal her name on "Fox & Friends": Arabella Rose. Ivanka later clued in her Twitter followers.
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No hip city or exotic locale names for any of Ethan Hawke's children! He and his wife Ryan Shawhughes named their second daughter after the great state of... Indiana. (Their first daughter: Clementine.)
Natalie Portman's first-born is also "Number One" — literally. The "Black Swan" star named her baby boy "Aleph," which is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and the number 1 in Hebrew. It can also be spelled "Alef."
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Bryan Adams just became a father for the first time at the age of 51. His daughter's name? Mirabella Bunny Grimaldi Adams. It's unusual and it's definitely a mouthful, but it's not likely to irreparably damage her psyche as she goes through middle school. Congratulations!
Chef Jamie Oliver and wife Jools welcomed their 4th child, son Buddy Bear Maurice on Sept. 15. Buddy shouldn't fret however, because he won't be the oddball in the family considering his big sisters are named Petal Blossom Rainbow, 17 months, Daisy Boo Pamela, 6, and Poppy Honey Rosie, 8½.
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1990's icon Alicia Silverstone bounded into the crazy celebrity name game in May, naming her new son Bear Blu. Here's the pregnant vegan in March, promoting her book "The Kind Diet."
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Olympic gold medalist mama Kerri Walsh should have her beach volleyball abs back in no time. Walsh and her husband Casey Jennings welcomed their second child in May. And named him Sundance Thomas. No word on whether or not Walsh will be joining the film festival of the same name.
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We can't wait to hear what Amy Poehler and Will Arnett will name their second child (due this fall). They named their firstborn Archibald Archie William Emerson, who is almost two years old.
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Claudia Schiffer must be obsessed with the letter C. Her third child, born in London in May, was named Cosima Violet. Cosima joins siblings Casper, 7, and Clementine, 5.
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Perhaps Schiffer's daughter will become best friends with Sofia Coppola's new bundle of joy. The Lost in Transliation director and her partner, Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars, also named their baby girl Cosima, who was born earlier this summer.
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Oliver Hudson (big brother of Kate) and his wife Erinn Bartlett welcomed their second son back in March. Bodhi Hawn joins big brother Wilder Brooks. Camping and the great outdoors, anyone?
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Will Ferrell's third son, Axel, was born not too long after a taping of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, back in January. Axel was welcomed by brothers Magnus, almost 6, and Mattias, 3.
Creed's Scott Stapp said he wrote the band's 2000 single, "With Arms Wide Open," about his firstborn, Jagger (no relation to Mick, we hope). His daughter Milan was born in 2007 and baby boy Daniel was born in July of this year.
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Heidi Klum and husband Seal gave birth to their fourth child, a girl named Lou Sulola Samuel last October. Sounds like a boy's name to us and what's with that middle name?
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Nicole Richie and musician Joel Madden recently welcomed baby number two, a little boy whom they've dubbed Sparrow James Midnight. The newborn joins big sister Harlow Winter Kate, who was born on a cold January day.
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Daddy, where did my name come from? Jason Lee named his son Pilot Inspektor after listening to a Grandaddy song titled, "He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot." There's a conversation that's more awkward than where babies come from. "You're simple and dumb, kid."
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Singer/actress Ashlee Simpson and her Fall Out Boy husband Pete Wentz named their son Bronx Mowgli. Like the character in Jungle Book.
Cougar Town actress Busy Phillips (who also had a stint on Dawson's Creek, way back when) gave birth to little Birdie Leigh in 2008.
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Brandon Flowers of The Killers wanted to give his second son a name that sounded strong. His choice? Gunner. "[Gunner] is a tough name," Flowers explained on the Kramp and Adler radio show. "I had to have something that combats against the Flowers." Gunner joins older brother Ammon.
Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay singer Chris Martin named their baby girl Apple. Her reason, as she told Oprah, "Apples are so sweet and they're wholesome and it's biblical." Their second child, a son, is named Moses.
Actor Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra-Lee Furness adopted two children, one of which is named Oscar Maximillian.
Singer M.I.A. with her husband Ben Brewer while pregnant with Ikhyd. The weirdness started before the baby was named.
David Bowie's son changed his unusual name, Zowie Bowie, to Duncan Jones apparently in an effort to make it in the movie industry outside of the shadow of his father. This likely marks the first time a child hasn't used family ties in the nepotistic entertainment industry.
Jessica Alba and Cash Warren named their daughter Honor Marie. We hope - for the kid's sake - she goes by her middle name.
Katie Holmes and the king of weird in Hollywood, Tom Cruise, named their darling of a daughter, Suri.
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Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale, parents of 2-year-old Kingston James McGregor, wanted a "quirky" name for their second child. Stefani said she stole the idea of Zuma from her bandmate Tom Dumont's wife Mieke.
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Spice Girl Geri Halliwell must have been inspired by the ultimate force of girl power: Madonna. Geri's daughter is named Bluebell Madonna.
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Actor and comedian Robin Williams named his daughter, Zelda, after Princess Zelda of the "Legend of Zelda" series.
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Alec Baldwin with his daughter Ireland from his marriage with Kim Basinger.
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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a brood of unique names: Pax Thien, Knox, Zahara and Shiloh.
We're not sure how Diddy is going to explain to his twin daughters what one of their names is similar to. For now, the apples of Diddy's eyes (shades included) are D'Lila Star and Jessie James, now 4. His other children are sons Justin Dior and Christian Casey, and daughter Chance.
Given that her children are named Neriah Shae, Sierra Sky, Heaven Rain and Shaya Braven (pictured here), it's safe to conclude that Brooke Burke is probably better at doing what she does best these days: being on Dancing with the Stars.
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Soccer star David Beckham and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham named their son after New York City's baddest borough, Brooklyn. That's where he was conceived, the couple said. We did not need to know that.
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Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools added a third daughter to their family last year. Petal Blossom Rainbow joined big sisters, Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo. As if having your dad referred to as "The Naked Chef" wasn't bad enough.
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Kevin Bacon and wife Kyra Sedgwick named their daughter Sosie. Their son lucked out: He's named Travis.
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Macy Gray's three kids are named Aanisah, Tahmel and Cassius, who has a nickname of "Happy."
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Nicholas Cage named his first son Weston. That's not too bad compared to his second son Kal-El, named after Superman's birth name from the planet Krypton. Um, what?
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban named their baby girl Sunday Rose. Sunday was actually born on a Monday in 2008. Go figure.
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Roll call for the children of actress Rachel Griffiths: Banjo Patrick taylor, Adelaide Rose Taylor, and Clementine Grace.
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Richard Gere must be a huge fan of "The Simpsons." He named his son Homer. D'oh!!!
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Anne Heche also named her son Homer, but what truly makes his name unfortunate is when it's combined with his last name: Homer Laffoon. Come on, give the kid a break!
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Director Robert Rodriguez and his wife Elizabeth Avellan have a thing for the letter R. Their five kids are: Rocket, Racer, Rebel and Rogue and Rhiannon. They'll probably all grow up to be accountants.
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The Palin squad: Track, Bristol, baby Trig, Willow and Piper. Let's not forget, Bristol named her newborn son Tripp.
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Sean Penn hangs with his two kids, daughter Dylan and son Hopper.
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Penn Jillette and his wife Emily named their daughter Moxie CrimeFighter. In an interview with Celebrity Baby Blog, Penn said that the middle name is kind of a joke, and that if she ever gets pulled over, she can pull out her license and say to the officer, "We're on the same side, officer, my middle name is CrimeFighter."
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Model Elle Macpherson's son shares his name with a Roman emperor — Aurelius.
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Demi Moore and Bruce Willis named their children Rumer, Tallulah and Scout. Even mom Demi has an unusual name in this family. (She was born Demetria.)
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Rocker Frank Zappa has always been a free spirit. He named his kids Moon Unit and Dweezil.
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Sly Stallone's son played Rocky Jr. in Rocky V, but his real name is Sage Moonblood.
Soleil Moon Frye is the daughter of actor Virgil Frye. It seems celebrities love to name their kids after the Earth's biggest satellite. By the way, Soleil's daughters are Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg and Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg (pictured).
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Singer-songwriter Lil Mo named her daughters God'iss and Heaven.
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