Weekend Watch List: Favre's Gimpy Ankle

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and reserve your tickets for “Piranha 3D.” I’m told the fish in this installment are decidedly ill-tempered. LET’S GO!

VIKINGS/49ERS – 8:00PM Sunday (NBC) Brett Favre returned to Minnesota after “deliberating” about retiring and “having his arm twisted” by members of the team to get him to come back. Or he hates working out in August. Probably the latter. Anyway, tonight you get to watch Favre take his first handful of snaps for the preseason. Al Michaels will be interviewing Favre at halftime of Sunday Night’s game. ANTICIPATION: FAVREY!

KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS – 10:00PM Sunday (E!) The fifth season of the reality show premieres Sunday Night. Holy smokes, a FIFTH season? Are there people that actually watch this show? That’s amazing. Usually, I hit this show while flipping around, stay for three seconds to see what Kim is wearing, and then go back to watching normal, productive television. But no, it appears there are some out there who are interested in the Kardashians as people, and that stuns and confuses me. ANTICIPATION: BADONKADUNKS!

DANCER WITH TINY LEGS – 10:00PM Sunday (TLC) There is no physical abnormality that TLC won’t cover, so on Sunday you get the pleasure of spending and hour with a wheelchair dancer who was born without working legs. I like how TLC made the title of this show echo “Tiny Dancer” but avoided using that title for obvious trademark reasons. I wonder how a wheelchair dancer dances with a partner. Who leads? Do some wheelchair dancers have two left wheels? Would most white people be better off dancing in wheelchairs? I say yes. ANTICIPATION: VERY SHORT TANGO!

ENTOURAGE – 10:30PM Sunday (HBO) Turtle is having supply and demand problems with his tequila line. See now, that’s what I like about this show. It really speaks to the everyday problems of the working mooch. ANTICIPATION: GOOSHGAGS!

BRIDEZILLAS – 9:00PM Sunday (WE TV) A bride and her sister comes to blows during the bachelorette party. Please, please, girls! Serge the male stripper has enough time and love for BOTH of you. Elsewhere, another bride flips out when her veil goes missing. Not the veil! Now the element of surprise is totally ruined! ANTICIPATION: MONSTERS!

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