Weekend Watch List: BASEBALL FEVAH!

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and take up a nasty chewing tobacco habit. Sure, it’ll give you mouth cancer. On the plus side, brown drool! Gotta love brown drool. LET’S GO!

YANKEES/RANGERS – 8:00PM Tonight (TBS), GIANTS/PHILLIES – 7:30PM Saturday (FOX) Your American League and National League Championship Series are set. And now comes the part where we try and figure out which two teams Fox execs are dying to see make the World Series. The Yankees, obviously. Everyone loves to watch the Yankees, according the Yankees-employed security guard who came to my house and threatened to beat me up. And I think Fox execs would prefer to see the Giants face them. I don’t think they like having the same two teams in the World Series in back-to-back years, and I think having the Giants in would mean they get to show grainy footage of Willie Mays making basket catches and stuff. Because if you know anything about baseball, you know that baseball loves it when you prefer olde tyme game footage over the game actually being played right now. ANTICIPATION: STEEEEE-RIKKKKKE-UHHHHHHH!

SCHOOL PRIDE – 8:00PM Tonight (NBC) A team of DIY contractors and designers lend their talents to renovating public schools in dire need of repair. Tonight’s lucky school is a middle school in Compton, California. It should be heartwarming, until you realize that the DIY team can’t actually build good teachers who won’t slack off once they get tenure. And does anyone else find it highly alarming that the government is relying on NBC to fix up these dumps? Shouldn’t they, you know, be retiling that bathroom themselves? ANTICIPATION: BITTERSWEET!

MAD MEN – 10:00PM Sunday (AMC) It’s the season finale Sunday, and Don Draper’s new agency is on the verge of financial collapse. I totally thought he was going to try heroin last week. You can’t imagine my disappointment when he turned down both the smack and the free sex. Meanwhile, I’m not sure I can watch any more Sally Draper scenes. She’s so sad! Her parents are so awful! I just want to wrap her up in a blanket and feed her chicken soup. Poor, poor girl. It’s not fair! ANTICIPATION: SAD!

SCOOBY DOO: CURSE OF THE LAKE MONSTER – 7:00PM Saturday (Cartoon Network) Scoob and the gang check out a ghost haunting Daphne’s uncle’s country club. I knew Daphne was a rich girl. I knew it! No wonder she only hooks up with dudes wearing ascots. ANTICIPATION: MEDDLING!

UNDERCOVER BOSS – 9:00PM Sunday (CBS) The CEO of Frontier Airlines goes undercover. Wait, Frontier Airlines still exists? Will we be hearing from the People Express CEO next week? ANTICIPATION: BOSSY!

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