Weather Appropriate Partying: Outdoor Hotspots in Queens

It's getting warm in New York, and fast. With such radical change in temperature must come some necessary adjustments for the average New Yorker. No longer can we wear that leather jacket that our mom bought us that we feel so cool in, because the weather simply won't allow it. Similarly, we can no longer frequent those small, sweaty bars that are so comfortable in the winter months but become uninhabitable in the summer (especially if we're wearing that jacket, which really does look great). So, with the smarmy weather on its way, where is the average New Yorker to party? 

The answer, if you're in Astoria, is at either one of the two fantastic beer gardens. Which location suits you better is simply a matter of taste: do you prefer your hot dogs served schnitzel style or out of hot water?
If your answer is the former, than head for the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden, which is at the tail end of the NQ subway line. This bad boy is all about the beer, and has been all about the beer for over 101 years! You'll be more likely to find a vowel on their menu than you will be to find a bad time at this Astoria staple! But be warned--afternoons can disappear on their outdoor patio like the pitcher you just bought, and this place can get packed on the weekends.
However, if you're the type who wears his favorite jersey to the bars and want to catch every game going on in the madness that is march, stroll over to Studio Square off of 36th Ave. With no lack of seating to speak of, this sprawling nightlife destination has two bars before you even get to the outdoor section. With the warm weather rolling in, you'll be hard pressed to find a better place to party on game night.  
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