Watch: Truck driver rescued after fiery crash

In a video shared by a witness, a truck can be seen engulfed in flames.

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A police officer and others jumped into action to rescue a truck driver who was trapped on Monday after a fiery crash in Utah.

In a video shared by a witness, a truck can be seen engulfed in flames after it lost its brakes, hit the side of the highway and launched into the trees.

The driver was trapped under debris as the fire started to spread through the vehicle, authorities said.

NBC affiliate KSL acquired body camera footage showing an officer pulling the driver from the wreck, with help from others at the scene near Little Cottonwood Canyon. A supervisor from the Unified Police Department said it was officer Wilson from the Canyon Patrol Unit who helped the driver escape, KSL reported.

“The officer was super humble and didn’t expect anything from the whole thing; he just went in there not knowing the situation. He didn’t know if the guy was alive or dead." said Justin Morgan, the witness who called 911. "The officer put himself at risk. That level of courage is what you want in a police officer. He is amazing! He is a hero.”

The driver suffered several injuries, including a broken arm, but is expected to recover.

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