Watch the Episode: Play With Your Food With Ali Fedotowsky

Put down your forks and play with your food with host Ali Fedotowsky. This week, we're having fun with the best eats around the country. Whattya waiting for? Join us and watch now!

Washington D.C.: Jose Andres Serves Up a History Course at America Eats Tavern

Just because you're sitting down for dinner doesn't mean you can't brush up on your history. The menu at America Eats Tavern, a pop-up restaurant in D.C., spans the ages, informing patrons of the origins of ever item available. Watch the video above.

Chicago: Indulging in Science Experiments with Grant Achatz at Alinea
Step into Grant Achatz's classroom, where art and science inspire each dish. 1st Look's Ali Fedotowsky tries green apple helium balloons and gets a crash course in the how to make food fun again. "If [the dishes] don't make you giggle," says Chef Achatz, "then I've failed." Watch the video.

San Francisco: Test Your Mettle With the Pho Challenge
Sometimes, you have to go big or go home. At Pho Garden in San Francisco, going big means four pounds of food. Can Ali wipe out the opposition in this food competition, or will she sink into her bowl? Watch the video.

San Francisco: Forging the Frontier With the Fondue Cowboy
With menu items like "The Outlaw" and "The Rawhide," things get pretty cheesy at one of San Francisco's most popular fondue restaurants, Fondue Cowboy. Watch the video.

Seattle: Foodscapes--A Playful Take on American Portion Sizes
Some foods are simply too pretty too eat. Seattle-based photographer Christopher Boffoli's captures miniature figurines golfing on a cupcake, mowing an orange peel or excavating a berry pie in his "Disparity Series," a humorous commentary on labor, portion size and American consumption. Watch the video.

Making Miniature Munchies With Peter Callahan
When it comes to hors d'oeuvres, thinking big isn't always the way to go. Peter Callahan shows Ali that if you really want to get the party going, you have to start small. Watch the video.

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