WATCH: Sergio Garcia Climbs Tree to Hit One-Handed Backward Shot

Golfer showed no fear as he climbed tree, hit the ball out and jumped down.

After his first shot ended up in a tree, Sergio Garcia made a difficult decision. Rather than take a one-stroke penalty, he climbed the massive tree and managed to play his next swing backwards, with one hand.

Even the usually calm commentators shared a chuckle while Garcia scaled the tree after his first shot on the par 4 tenth hole ended up in one Sunday during the final round of the 2013 Arnold Palmer Invitational. After one of the announcers joshed that Garcia may need a "tree wedge" to get the ball out, they were amazed at his Spider-Man-esque climbing ability.

"Wow, he's nimble," one of the commentators said.

Garcia tried to maneuver around the branches for several possible shots, including one that would have sent the ball between his legs. He ultimately settled for the one-handed behind the back wedge shot. For a second, he looked more like basketballer John Stockton than a pro golfer.

But it worked. Despite the mistake, Garcia hit the ball on to the green and finished off the escapade by jumping off the tree and landing perfectly on both feet.

Watch the video below:

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