Want to Be a Part of the “Dark Knight Rises” Soundtrack?

When the first "Dark Knight Rises" teaser trailer hit the webs, one of the things that immediately stood out from our first taste of Christopher Nolan's concluding chapter of his Batman trilogy was a strange, almost tribal chant underlying composer Hans Zimmer's score at the end.

It turns out we weren't just hearing things, and not only is this chant apparently a huge part of the upcoming movie (likely the rallying cry for an army led by new villain Bane), but you - yes YOU - can be a part of it.

Zimmer is looking for voices to add to the growing chorus, with the promise that your shouts will be included in the final "Dark Knight" soundtrack. And the submission process is ridiculously easy: Just head on over to THIS SITE and chant away.

This is your chance to (at least vocally) threaten Gotham City...

"The Dark Knight Rises" comes our way in 2012...

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