Video Shows Troopers Finding Man’s Mom in Trunk

Man tells troopers he put mom in trunk because she didn't want to move to Miami, authorities say

Troopers came to the rescue of a mother who they say was kidnapped by her own son and stuffed into the trunk of his car because she didn't want to move with him to Miami.

A dashcam video released by authorities shows a South Carolina State trooper approach the car and open the trunk, revealing the mother of 20-year-old suspect Regelio Lopez inside, police said.

"Ma'am, you okay?" the trooper asks the woman.

"What's going on that made you want to do this, with her in the trunk?" the officer asks the man, identified as Regelio Lopez.

"She didn't want to come with me. She was in the car but she didn't want to come," the man on the video replies.

A camera inside a trooper's cruiser captured the incident last month at a rest stop along I-95 in rural Santee, South Carolina. Troopers surrounded the Cadillac, guns drawn as they approached.

Lopez is from Richmond, Va., and authorities had received a tip that he was on the road. The traffic stop happened about 360 miles from Richmond, with Lopez's mom stuffed in the trunk for the whole ride, authorities said.

The video shows officers walking the woman to an ambulance as she grabs her back.

Lopez faces a kidnapping charge in Richmond.

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