Video Shows Explosion Near White Helmet Rescuers in Syria

White Helmets/NBC News

Video has emerged of an explosion at a Syrian building being evacuated following a previous strike, an up-close look at how citizens are forced to live as war tears apart the country.

The video was posted to YouTube by the White Helmets, a group of Syrian volunteer rescue workers. It shows men rushing into a badly damaged building in Douma. One is carrying a stretcher. Others carry at least three children out of the building.

A voice says "Douma, October 2," and, in an effort of reassurance, "nothing happened" according to a translation.

But then an incoming shell can be heard hitting the building before dust obscures the scene.

The video is titled: "The moment a rocket falls from a warplane on a team of emergency responders from the civil defense in Douma moments ago." It is one of several videos allegedly from Douma on Friday showing airstrikes in the area.

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