Vanessa Redgrave's Postcard From an Italy That Is No Longer

While "Letters to Juliet" wasn't exactly a critical darling, two aspects of the love story starring Amanda Seyfried received rave reviews -- the luminescent Vanessa Redgrave and the stunning scenes of the Italian countryside.

For Redgrave, who is married to co-star Franco Nero, the film was a chance to rediscover the magic of a country which she feels has lost a lot of the magic.

"What I love is that the film re-evokes through my character and the young girl, some of the things from its past," she tells PopcornBiz. "But a lot of it is gone, even if the buildings are still left."

"Italy is very, very different," she adds. "But so is England or America."

Redgrave is especially thankful to her Italian family for showing her some of the places that are still off the beaten path. "Some of the places I love in Italy, no one goes near," she says. "Because of my Italian family, I've come to know these places."

And what of Verona, the setting for the romantic movie? Isn't she concerned that folks loving the movie's romance and beauty will trounce over to the gentle city to leave their own letter for the Juliet statue?

"It's already overrun, I don't think it will make much difference," Redgrave says. "I don't know how that many people can afford to get here. But somehow everyone really wants to find their way to Verona."

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