Vacaville Pastor Arrested for Second Time in Two Weeks, Faces Fraud and Perjury Charges

In addition to the fraud and perjury charges, Pastor Mark Lewis was arrested two weeks ago for arson and conspiracy.

A Northern California pastor is facing charges of fraud and perjury Sunday morning, in addition to arson and conspiracy charges stemming from two weeks ago.

Mark Lewis is the pastor of the Fellowship Baptist Church in Vacaville. Police said they swept through the church property looking for financial records.

The church was allegedly never registered as a non-profit or incorporated but  used the legal status of  another church.

People in Vacaville were already stunned by Lewis' first arrest for reportedly using three church members in an arson attack against a former girlfriend. And now, he has been arrested for the second time in two weeks.

"I don't know what to think," Vacaville resident Scott Tunstall said. "I mean a minister--you'd think there should a higher standard there."

Another Vacaville resident, Patty Bales, also said she was puzzled by Lewis' actions.

"I mean I'm quite amazed," she said. "I drive by there daily so it's shocking."

The suspect is currently out on $500,000 bail.

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