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7 Times U.S. Figure Skater Adam Rippon Was Hella Fierce on Instagram

Adam Rippon, a 28-year-old figure skater from Scranton, Pennsylvania, is known for his flashy moves and even flashier personality. And his first Olympic appearance didn't disappoint.

Rippon's near-flawless performance in the free skate helped Team U.S.A. earn a bronze medal Sunday night.

Not only does Rippon excel on the ice, but this 5-foot-6 skater has a larger-than-life personality. His Instagram account is filled with countless sassy poses and snarky captions.

Check out some of his fiercest posts here:

1. Haters Make Him Famous

Rippon can't help but give a shout out to his haters for motivating him to get where he is today.

[[473805423, C]]

2. Major Olympic Mood

See the Olympic skater strike a pose.

[[473805763, C]]

3. No One Rocks a Tank Top like He Does

Especially one with black sparkles. 

[[473805903, C]]

4. Self Love is Important

Rippon won't even leave his healing crystals behind.

[[473805983, C]]

5. A Message to His Competitors

No one is on his level.

[[473806183, C]]

6. Serving Looks on the Beach

Fierce is a dish best served hot.

[[473806723, C]]

7. Sassy and Bold

Rippon giving the people what they want: Sass.

[[473806923, C]]

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