Meet Brady Ellison, US Archery's Leonardo DiCaprio Look-Alike

So-called DiCaprio doppelgänger is a star in Rio

No, that's not Leo with a bow and arrow.

American archer Brady Ellison helped Team USA win the silver medal in Rio for the second Olympics in a row. But Ellison's skills with a bow wasn't what targeted him for a mention as a Twitter "moment" this Games.  

Instead it was the Olympian's shared resemblance to Leonardo DiCapario. 

"Leo DiCaprio enjoying some time off from acting to play archery in the Rio Olympics," read one message. 

Ellison, who lives in his home-state Arizona after years of training in Chula Vista, California, is a star in his own right. He is the first recurve archer in history to win three World Cup titles.

The now third-time Olympian helped the U.S. archery team secure its silver in London before repeating the feat in Rio on Saturday. South Korea took the gold. 

Individual play resumes on Monday with Ellison set to compete again on Tuesday. 

"I feel good and it is definitely the least nervous that I have ever been at the Games," he said, reported. "I am excited, pumped up and looking for a medal.”

The real Leo has not commented on his Olympic doppelgänger. 

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