Two Children Hospitalized After Eating THC Candy From a Food Bank

At least five children ate candy containing high THC doses after the Utah Food Bank distributed it as part of their food donations, police said

Nerds Ropes candy that were infused with THC and distributed to families by the Utah Food Bank.
Roy City Police

At least two children are hospitalized after eating THC candy from a food bank in Utah.

An 11-year-old and a 5-year-old were taken to a hospital Friday night after consuming “Medicated Nerds Rope” candy given to their families as part of a food distribution effort from a church working with the Utah Food Bank.

Roy City Police said volunteers at the food bank distributed more than 60 bags that contained three to four servings of the candy rope. Labels in the candy indicate that each one contains 400 milligrams of THC. Adults are normally prescribed between 15 to 45 milligrams of the psychoactive marijuana component.

Three other children also consumed the candy, but were not taken to a hospital, police said.

"Right now, we do not believe nor do we have any evidence to support that the donation was intentional. We have discussed this issue with our local food bank and it appears to be an accident," police sergeant Matthew Gwynn told NBC News in a statement.

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